Bridal Dress Shopping

Woman in white bridal gown

When girls spend their math classes daydreaming of weddings (rather than winning the globe Series) — not saying you can’t do both), what do they imagine first? The perfect bridal dress, of lessons: a dress in white satin with a bustle and capturing train, the ideal embellishments, and the excellent shoes.

They could search high and low, braving chilly shops and pushy bridal shops, but eventually, they come face-to-face with The One. The rest of the planning Suddenly … the theme, the tone, the proper sort of venues … everything springs alive.
woman with green floral wedding gown

Various other wedding brides aren’t as lucky. They have searched just as hard, operating their method through shops across three or four states. However, they never discovered The One. Instead, they’ve discovered three or four contenders, all of which are serviceable and fine. But not earth-shattering enough to tell them that today is definitely the time to stop looking and move on with the preparations.

Even if you’re the first time of bride-to-be, buying the gown is such a momentous decision that you run a risk of falling into that wallet-skinning category known as the Two-Dress Bride. Here are some techniques for choosing the ideal outfit and staying away from that bad fate.

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It's fun and useful to bring your mom, sisters or close friends on the dress-shopping trip. Bring the entourage, but do not buy. It's fun to see if your impressions of perfection are shared by your closest. But no matter how excited everyone gets over a particular dress, don't buy in the heat of the moment. Give yourself time to reconsider. Buy them later if you really like it. Remember, once you've bought it, you've bought it.

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Normally it takes four to ten months for a bridal gown to be ready. Unless your chosen style is to be discontinued. Do not rush, give yourself some time to sit on your decision. Most of the time when you picked the gown, suddenly you'll see so many like it. Suddenly, you become an expert on the style of gown. Isn't it better if you have not made up your mind at that time?

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This is the follow-up. Once you've bought it, stop shopping. If you continue, you'll end up with Two-Dress Brides. If this happened, remember the blissful feeling of having tried the one you bought. Put it on and stand in front of a mirror, trust me, you'll remember why you've chosen this particular one.

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For whatever reason you still can't stop shopping, get a second opinion. Tell them you've remortgaged your house for the first dress. They'll tell you the first one is better. You'll feel reassured.

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Those who have been in the Two-Dress Bride situation might tell you that you can sell off the first one. You'll not get a fraction of its cost.

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It is ok to dream of a designer label. You'll need the courage to get it. If you are willing to put the times, you might find once-used St. Pucchi or Ulla-Maija on eBay. You'll only be paying a fraction of the price if you buy new. The downside is, you'll need to start shopping early. Always pay with a credit card. If the dress not as promised, you have recourse. Remember, courageously, but not recklessly.

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Never send a check if you decided to shop online. Bridal gown businesses have a habit of disappearing-overnight. Go with credit card payment with chargeback protection. If they say no, move on.

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If you have difficulties to decide on the right gown, try starting planing based on a theme instead. Concentrate on other aspects of the wedding that are as important. Eventually, it becomes easy to decide on which gown to buy.