Fast Fashion

  Fashion is Such an important element in our daily life that we are constantly seeing ads and sales trying to convince us to buy more and more even though we don’t need it half of the time. Fashion industry however is quite controversial and it’s been involved in so many scandals that people can’t keep up. Fast Fashion Fast fashion brings new trends every week most fashion brands like Asos Zara H&M or Topshop are the primary trendsetters it matter of street style. Most people shop there because the clothes are practical and you can find them all over the place. With affordable prices and constant sales they manage to get your cash in a heartbeat over and over again. Unlike fashion houses like Dior or Chanel or Bowman, these brands changed their collections almost weekly. Constantly bringing up new designs and clothes for people to buy every time they come into the store. This strategy is commonly known as fast fashion and it’s destroying our planet with cheap, bad quality clothing made in developing countries at a very low cost and then sold to customers for a lot more. Keep this in mind the next time you give them your money.


The world’s largest fashion retailer Zara doesn’t advertise. We are sure you most likely haven’t noticed this but even if Zara is all over the place the store doesn’t do advertising. Word of Mouth seems to be enough for this brand.  With people constantly buying their clothes and bragging about it.  One thing that’s actually missing from the store strategy is the advertising. 

 They have all the social media accounts, online shops, and some banners but other than that nothing. The strategy of almost zero marketing works for them surprisingly well. They have over 22,000 stores all over the world


Bernard Arnault

A French businessman, Bernard Arnault is the richest man in fashion. With a net worth of 70.7 billion dollars. He is the CEO of LVMH. Brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Celine or Givenchy, gathering all of them under the same roof.

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