Here I’ll list down all the points acquired from doing SEO check list. 

Basic SEO

  • Focus Keyword in SEO Title = 36 points
  • Focus Keyword in SEO Meta Description = 3 points
  • Focus Keyword used in the URL = 5 points
  • Focus Keyword appears in the first 10% of the content = 3 points
  • Focus Keyword found in the content = 3 points
  • Content words at least 600 words = 2 points
Basic comes with 52 points.


  • Focus Keyword found in the sub-heading = 3 points
  • Focus Keyword in image alt attribute = 2 points
  • Keyword density (2.00 below) = 6 points
  • URL is 40 characters long = 4 points
  • Link to external resources (1 will do) = 3 points
  • At least 1 external link with DoFollow = 3 points
  • Internal link = 5 points
  • Unique keyword (not used on the site) = 6 points

Additional, rewards you with 32 points.

Title Readability

  • Focus Keyword used at the beginning of SEO Title = 3 points
  • Title has positive or negative sentiment = 1 points
  • Title contain power word, 1 will do = 1 points
  • Title contain number = 1 points

Not so exciting here, only 6 points.

Content Readability

  • Use Table Of Content = 6 points
  • Short paragraphs (max 200 words) = 3 points
  • Content contain images and/or videos = 1 points

The last 10 points come from here.

How To Begin

Disclaimer: Before I began, when writing this article I’m thinking around WordPress CMS. General concepts does apply to any websites. But when I mentioned plugins and other WordPress related jargon, just ignore that if you’re not on WordPress.

You begin with a keyword. Have it ready and wrap everything here around it. For example, our keyword is “pimple”. Put the word “pimple” wherever necessary. Remember to be natural, meaning when you read the flow is natural. 

I can’t stressed this enough, from here onward is all about your keyword. Every word, sentence and paragraph focus on explaining or revealing details on your keyword.



I’m not sure why this is needed. Any length of URL still earn 4 points. Remember to include your keyword in the URL and earn another 5 points. Character count begin from “http:…”. Maximum character for URL is 75 characters. Ideal if you can is 75. 

URL like “” the one “here-what-count-pimple” that has to be at least 40 characters long.


Short Paragraphs

A short paragraph is around 200 words. Points for this is credited into your account when you start. Your objective is to keep the points by not breaking the rule. In other word, you’ll lose the points if you failed to keep the paragraphs short. With only one of your paragraphs breaking the rule, you’ll lose 3 points.


Something About TOC

For actual SEO you can go with any Table Of Content plugins or create it yourself. If you are using RankMath, it only works with plugins suggested by them. You won’t see the points changes if you’re on other plugin or created the TOC yourself. But rest assured that actual search engine crawlers can see it.


Do not bother with this, just an internal link I’ve created to score.


The point is, you just need one of each to score. For example, you only need one external link to qualify for the points. Same goes with most of the checks. 

The straight forward and easy to understand requirements I did not elaborate here.