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What are you going to say when someone bring up the subject that you don’t understand? Do You pretend that you understand?

Start selling to one person. If that person like it most probably he’ll share with his friend and family. The cycle goes on and on.

We are living in a time where people do most of the interaction online. Make new friend, buying new shoes, ordering foods and much more. Suddenly consumers served with impossible choices. The item you’re buying can be anywhere in the world and you’re not concerned with it. What is left with common products? Price determine it. Generic product where actually the same thing with different branding will be doing race to the bottom strategy. The lowest price win. Every online store will include a sort by price filter to it store.

Consumers are now enjoying getting item at the lowest price possible. This enabled them to buy more products. From the business perspective, more sales if you apply the race to the bottom strategy. If all businesses doing it, now what matter is proxemity. How near are you with your prospects? People like to get things fast.

Amazon is a good example of this. Done selling at the lowest price possible they try to be near you as possible. They even setup their distribution centers in many countries worldwide. Their main goal is customers get their purchased items as soon as possible. So they start with Amazon Prime, deliver within 2 hours. Is it really? No. It’s just a mind trick. But it work.

Once you’re done with your purchase, you’ll be greeted with the choice of available time slots. Each time slot is a two hours block. Chances are, immediately after your transaction is not available. Order in the morning you might get it in the evening. To you it’s ok because you’re the one who choose that slot and that slot is within two hours. So you make yourself believe that they kept their promise. Don’t it ever come across to you that they’re the one decide when to deliver to you at their convenience? Deep inside you knew but it’s still ok because you’ll get it earlier than if you get it from other online sellers. This proved the theory that we want our purchases to reach us as soon as possible.

In Jakarta if you purchase from Tokopedia, you’ll get your item within 2 hours. Really within 2 hours. They use Gojek or Grab to delivery by bike. This is the very reason even Amazon don’t dare to enter Indonesia. Their bluff won’t work there. The lesson you can take from this paragraph is you can implement the Amazon Prime bluff and remove the bluff part of it and you beat their system. Now you’re the real within two hours delivery. Consumers will prefer you. It’s not because they are Amazon, it because they’re cheap and deliver fast. Their weakness, their fast is illusion. Once you can make it a reality, you’re in the game.

Hollywood do things that are generally accepted by the worldwide audiences they are targetting. If you want to be special to only a group of people, serve your audicence the way they want to be served. If you target India, you must have singing part in the movie. If you’re targeting indonesian you must have suspense zoom as many time as you can.

If someone prefer their food to be served with banana leave, do it and you’re in their mind. By picking the audience you want to serve you’re not only shrinking your scope but also lesser your compatitors.